Story: The Mystery of Bugsfield High (1)

Book of mystery

To me, the library isn't just a place where books are kept. It is a stronghold for fascinating mysteries; it is the lost city of Atlantis; the very place where I can travel through time without being declared mad. But I guess I traveled too far this time.

I was reading one of Stephen King's novel when I discovered it where it rested between the wall and the table. It seemed like it's been there for months, and I wondered how it managed to evade my sight despite the amount of time I spend daily at that particular corner in the reading room. It was ensnared in cobwebs, an old book with a strange title: The mystery of Arkansas.

What mystery could Arkansas hold? I thought. So, I flipped through the pages to see for myself... And I discovered that the book held not only the mystery of Arkansas, but the very mystery of our own Bugsfield high.

Tucked between the pages was a note that read:

If you're reading this, it means that I am probably dead. But the mystery still remains a mystery, buried beneath the twig beside Old Anthony's tombstone...The night is dark, and full of terror.
                                Sarah Hamilton.

I paused for a moment. Some months back, a particular Sarah was reported missing in school, but I wasn't sure whether she was a Hamilton or not. There is only one way to find out, I thought. Quickly, I tucked the note in my  back pocket and headed for the exit.

Old Anthony was buried in a cemetery close to my friend, Jeffrey's house. So, I decided to hang out with him until it was safe to pay Anthony a visit. Luckily, his parents had traveled.

Deep down inside, I knew I shouldn't delve into whatever it was that got Sarah killed, but my curiosity was beyond control.

About 7:30 pm, I left Jeffrey's. It was obvious that he enjoyed my company. Moreover, I didn't act as though I would be assuming the role of an undertaker by nightfall.

To avoid suspicion, I took a discreet route. But unfortunately, Bobby, the bully, and his friends were smoking along the path. And more unfortunately, I made the turn before I noticed.

Except for his huge size and his bully skills, there was nothing spectacular about Bobby. And rather than his dull brain, he used his size more effectively in Bugsfield high school.

"Look who we have here," he said, pulling me closer.

For the next few minutes, I was tossed around like an object. And of course, punches found their way into the episode. As soon as I had a chance, I ran like hell.

As I stopped to catch my breath, I looked back to see if they were after me, but the coast was clear. So, I continued on my journey to unravel Sarah's mystery.

It wasn't long before I located the tombstone, and it was exactly where she said it was, beneath the twig. I found a flash drive. Mission accomplished.

I got home at exactly 9:21 pm. And when I checked my phone, I already had twelve missed calls from Jeffrey. I called him several times thereafter, but he didn't answer. I became very worried. It was unlike him to call first, but my phone was plagued with twelve of his calls. I perceived something was wrong. So, I decided to check on him.

When I got to his place, Jeffrey wasn't there to answer the door. I twisted the knob and it opened to reveal a room that seemed ransacked.

"Jeff," I yelled, but there was no reply. Slowly, I entered the room, picking my way through... And I found another note on the floor. This time it read "Run while you still can."

And immediately, I turned to exit the room. But before I could reach the door, I  felt a sharp pain in my neck; and slowly, I dropped to the floor. My vision became blurry...

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  1. Nice one... Makes me remember those days of horror films (i mean the real horror films), unlike the ones we have around nowadays.


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