Covered Pearl

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                                                              By Sumayyah Ajani Adetomiwa

Here I come again,
To tell you what I gain,
Despite your hot disdain
I really don't feel the pain!

I have been promised the reward,
For keeping my beauty inward.
For you, it may seem backward,
Its simply what pushes me forward(my hijab).

I feel choosing this day is right.
Because I'm gonna talk to you  about my right.
Only if you'd sharpen your sight,
You'll know I don't deserve these plights.

It is my right to be free
And I care less about your plea.
If you choose to be outside the cover,
Then its my right to be shielded by that cover.

You have shown every form of repudiation.
But I tell you, what matters is my reputation.
Even if I have to employ repetition
To let it sink that the injunction has an interpretation.

You say there's backwardness in the things I do.
I guess you've never seen the darkness that surrounds you.
It's not until I have a boo,
Before I look like someone who's read a book.

You know? I care less about your thoughts.
Because it seem like y'all were bought.
Of course, by the civilization that was brought.
Listen, this is all about what the noble Prophet (saw) taught.

Your reaction towards my hijab has been invidious.
But I tell you, I've never felt ridiculous.
The way it projects me is miraculous.
If anything, it's absolutely propitious.
Sorry, if you think its superfluous.

Its my hijab and it shall remain exactly.
It qualifies my modesty perfectly.
Its my veil of honour,
My identification of distinction.
My symbol of obedience.

© Sumaj_pw

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