LOOK HERE! You Can Eat Your Way Out Of Depression

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Hey there, what a beautiful Wednesday it is. I sincerely hope you have not spent your week (up till this moment) feeling depressed.

I understand depression is a baby vampire seeking to drain the life out of you. And I am sure you don't wanna feed it. Well, if you ask me I'd say you FEED YOURSELF and beat the energy out of the life-sucking creature. IMPOSSIBLE? I don't think so! Just follow my lead.

First thing first, cut out processed foods: People who eat fresh foods have much lower rates  of depression. Meat, fish, eggs and other sources of protein should be your culinary weapons of choice in beating depression- the vampire, remember?

Studies have shown that adding tryptophan - one of the building block of protein - to the diets of people with depression can improve their mood-  Ursula Philpot, chair of the British Dietetic Association's Mental Health Group. 

Eat more oily fish too: The brain needs Omega-3s (also found in nuts) to perform properly. And people who don't eat enough have been found to be more prone to depression, to appear more like food to the life-draining vampire!

Wholegrains are very important: Everything from oats to wholewheat bread are a great source of slow-release energy that will prevent your blood sugar taking a nosedive and leaving you feeling down hearted.

Fruits and Vegetables: Are rich in Zinc and Folate, nutrients that are important in battling depression.

That will be all for today, until we meet again next time. I really hope our vampire will be long RE-DEAD by then. Don't forget to share with friends, BE A LIFE SAVER. And don't forget to subscribe to Akinyemi's Journal in the pop-up or the space provided as you scroll down this page. Aww...Thank you!

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  1. I love this post on how to battle depression starting in our diet and food choices.


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