The Secrets Behind Eating To Get Maximum Energy

Hello folks, my name is Sumayyah and welcome to another episode of Let Maya Fooducate You. In case you missed my last session, please click THIS LINK. It's something you cannot afford to miss.

Hey there, how is your day going? I hope you won't risk meeting up with today's target due to low energy.

Regardless, I've got you covered. Now I will be taking you through the secrets behind eating to get maximum energy for the day.

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The first thing you need to know is Never To Skip Breakfast: Twenty per cent of adults don't eat anything for breakfast and many dieters skip breakfast as a means to lose weight, says Sara Stanner, spokesperson for the Nutrition Society. But this will leave you lacking energy and impair concentration and performance throughout the day.

The best breakfasts are high in fibre and contain protein. This promotes satiety and helps with appetite control. For breakfast, take wholegrain cereal, muesli or porridge with milk or a poached egg. Don't be so focused about eating a heavy meal that you leave out the essentials and make yourself less productive for the day.

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For once, don't recite the "eat like a prince" mantra and don't overeat at lunchtime.  A heavy lunch, especially if you are not used to it can cause an afternoon slump. A lighter lunch and a healthy afternoon snack are a better option.

Lastly, Stay hydrated, because even a slight dehydration, where you may not feel thirst, can leave you  tired and sluggish.

This will be all for today. Until we meet next time. Don't forget to share with friends and foes. It will go a long way in building/mending your relationships. Need anything? Just leave a comment!

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